How to become a member:

There are two types of membership in AEMB, conditional and active.
Undergraduate students in the Biomedical Engineering Department are invited to apply, given that they are academically ranked in the top fifth (if they are designated juniors) or academically ranked in the top third (if they are seniors) amongst their peers.

Invitations for application are extended to eligible applicants each semester based on their academic performances in the previous semester. Upon acceptance, those members are given conditional status and must attend at least four official meetings and complete service and social requirements set by the society, including involvement in the Academic Office’s Peer Mentorship Program, as well as pay the one time lifetime fee for organization dues and submit a resume.

After one semester, conditional members are considered for active membership by secret ballot vote by existing active members, including officers.

Active members are required to attend four general meetings as well and participate in service and social events, including the Peer Mentorship program, and submit a current resume.

Should the cumulative GPA of an active member fall below 3.5, the articles governing probation, as outlined in the constitution, come into effect.