For Mentees

If you are a BME freshman or sophomore, the BME Peer Mentorship Program can alleviate many of the daunting questions, obstacles, and unknowns you will face.  The program will pair you with an upperclassman (someone who’s been in the program at least two full years) that will be your mentor for the year. You and your mentor will meet at least once a month, and will be on hand to answer any questions you have via email, text, Facebook, etc.

In addition, the program will have monthly meetings/seminars for all mentors and mentees, as well as really fun social events.  You will need to fill out a very short survey telling us about yourself and your anticipated future goals so that we can match you with a more compatible mentor.  Once paired with a mentor, there are no obligations or requirements that will interfere with your classes/school/lifestyle. What you get out of this program is entirely up to what you want to put into it!

To fill out your mentee information sheet see the following website: