Founded in 2003 by a group of 16 students, Alpha Eta Mu Beta (formerly Beta Mu Epsilon) serves as the honor society for the Biomedical Engineering department at the University of Texas at Austin. With goals to promote leadership, mentorship, and achievement, the non-profit organization serves to develop our highly qualified members both in terms of their academics and their character.

Being a member of Alpha Eta Mu Beta signifies that one is academically ranked in the top fifth amongst their peers, is committed to promoting BME in the community through acts of service and outreach, and most importantly, has demonstrated extraordinary character.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta holds meetings on the second Tuesday of every month.   At each meeting the members hear from industry leaders, fellow students, grad school representatives, and corporate recruiters.  In addition, members engage in social events and work as mentors in our Academic Office’s Peer Mentorship Program.

The purpose of our organization is twofold: first, to encourage students to think about their personal future and the future of the biomedical industry, and second, to encourage students to think about the legacy they are leaving behind. With our actions, we want to make our school and our community better places, and thereby encourage career and character development.